Cywren and Quasar
Some attributes
First Age:Previous Fallout-19 Current

Another Fallout-23

Second Gender:Female
Third Birthday:May 13th 2258
Other attributes

Cywren is a 25 year old wastelander,who is the main character in A Fallout Tale and Another Fallout Tale.

Cywren has shown to be very adventurous and intelligent, shown in the first episode when she was only one and could already manually unlock her baby gate, and hack terminals with ease (Revealed by Venturian when she gets fed up with his lack of knowledge and picks the codes herself.) She is also shown to be very eloquent and charismatic, seeming to get herself out of any situation if she has the ability too.

While very eloquent and intelligent, these seem to be balanced out by her lack of skills with some guns, and lack of strength, yet she appears to be getting stronger. Despite her intelligence, she really fails when it comes to history as she called a Tokugawa samurai Ghenghis Khan, even though Ghenghis was a  mongolian. This is understandable as she was born in a time in which survival is more important than learning the past though this does not excuse Venturian for not knowing this.

Cywren seems to have a very big heart and very selfless, seemingly depressed when she couldn't save Lucas Simms, and also very reluctant to take rewards, usually saying "You don't have to pay me anything". Not most would consider Cywren 'brave' but she is definitely trying, considering the facts that even though she was afraid to deactivate the bomb in Megaton and of the Super-Mutants, she managed to deactivate the nuke and save the people in the Police Headquarters. She is also willing to give her life to save the world, which was shown when she sacrificed herself and was exposed to 5000 rads of radiation to activate the Purifier. (Fawkes/Copper didn't know how to use it, and even if he did, his fingers were too big to press the buttons, anyway.) Since she is as not immune to radiation, she thought she would actually die.

However, in time she has become restless, irritated, impatient and has grown unaffected by the deaths of people that were not in her circle of friends (example would be Alex Dargon). She has also grown attached to objects more so than humans. Also shown when she was mean to Sally when they were abducted by aliens and went out of her way to show that she didn't want help from a child. However, her angry nature hides a kind heart, since she respected Sally in the end.

She has grown detached from people and no longer finds stealing from scavengers a big deal in the case of the stolen item being Nuka-Cola.

It can be assumed that her angry nature was a result of inability to save her father from death which then a fewEnclave Eyebots proceeded to mock with their patriotic music. This would make even the kindest person bitter. However, she was also very easy to annoy and irritable before this as seen in almost every episode. Now she is in New Vagas. She has no followers. The reason she lost them is unknown.

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